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Dear Customer,

This letter serves to offer our services and advise on what to expect as Ford SA and ourselves roll out Phase 2 of the Kuga recall.

Some things you can expect –
• The recall will take approximately 6 hours.
• The recall will include:
   - Instalment of new coolant bottle with coolant level sensor/ indicator.
   - Installation of the accompanying wiring harness.
   - Loading of software to complete the functioning of the newly fitted items.
   - Testing of the above installation.
   - An additional test of the engine, cooling system and any related items before we hand the vehicle back.

Your vehicle will be handed back to you by me personally with the recall campaign completed, washed, and a full description of the work undertaken.

We will be scheduling bookings to best accommodate our customers with the least inconvenience to them. We will also be offering you the all new Ford Kuga to drive whilst we undertake the recall on your vehicle and would love to hear your feedback on it later.

Travis Edmond-Mack
Service Manager