What our Customers have to say

28 December 2016

Good day Mr. J Green,

On Saturday I had the pleasure of taking delivery of a VW Polo from your dealership.

Clients are quick to complain instead of complimenting.

I would like to take the opportunity to compliment Kagiso and Mari who went the extra mile in their service and delivery.They did everything in their power to keep me as a client and the delivery process on Saturday just blew me right out of my shoes.My wife and I have never felt like royalty before.

I could go on and on about your stuff,but a very big thank you to you and your staff.

Keep up the customer experience.

Nash Timol

27 October 2016

I've always had excellent service from the dealership.From the salesperson to the service advisors and technicians

CJ Saayman

25 October 2016

Thank you to James and Hettie for the great service and always being prepared to accomodate my requests.

Jan Van Rooyen

18 October 2016

Andre Esterhuizen was better than excellent,all the way through the process of showing us the car,ordering and delivery of the vehicle.Thank you very much.

Charles Moore

10 October 2016

Thank you to Travis and his team.This was the first interaction I have had with Fury Ford Fourways and the service delivery was absolutely fantastic.Thank you for a pleasant experience

Stella Young

5 September 2016

Absolutely amazing service from James and Hettie. Thank you.

Jeana Turner

31 August 2016

GREAT service from Andre and Mari. Thanks!

David Goosen

25 August 2016

I was waiting for this survey to come. The guys at Fury were phenomenal. I was taken aback at how well my car was serviced and how friendly and attentive everyone at the branch was towards me. Well done to you guys. You are doing one hell of a job in a South Africa that seems to have lost the high standard of service we once held so high. Added to this, I take my hat off to Ford in general. Awesome engines and I wouldn’t trade my EcoSport for anything. Based on my experience so far, and this is the first Ford I have ever owned, I’ll buy a Mustang when my mid-life crisis comes around….

Chad Oberholzer

24 August 2016

Brandon Gillman exceeded all expectations facilitating both purchases (EcoSport and Ranger), making the process seamless. Mari Nel, was extremely helpful and attentive and communicated every aspect of the purchase in detail. Exceptional Service. Thank you.

Karl & Nadine Vermeulen

18 August 2016

James Bennett has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has displayed a top level of professionalism. I have already recommended him and the dealership to other people.

J. Davies

13 August 2016

Brandon and Hettie exceeded all our expectations! This was by far the most pleasant car buying experience we’ve ever had!

Frank Steenberg

12 August 2016

You clearly have made a tremendous effort in your client services. Well Done!! I think the “premium brands” could learn a thing or two from you guys!

W. Souter

5 August 2016

Guide and Joy are by far the best salesmen I have ever dealt with. They were so helpful and efficient and extremely welcoming. Such a pleasure to have dealt with them.

Victoria Jones

August 2016

Rihan, the service advisor, was extremely prompt, helpful and kept me informed all the time of what is happening. The best part was receiving the old parts in my car in a plastic bag. This, to me, is testament that you take your customers need to know that everything was done very seriously.

Being in the service industry myself, I find it refreshing to be treated like a customer/friend.

Verdi Bosch

1st August 2016

I have always enjoyed my experience with Fury Ford Fourways, from the time I bought my car until now. Very pleasant and helpful staff in the service department.

Carole Chater

29th July 2016

Morne was my consultant and was excellent. I work for a hospitality industry so know about service. Thanks to Morne for updating me all the time on the progress of my vehicle.

Liz Govender

28 July 2016

Your team is phenomenal; never have I been treated like royalty by any car dealership or sales team. I would like to thank Glen, Willem and Hettie for their outstanding service and patience with me..

Samantha Coetzer

25th July 2016

The staff at Fury Fourways are all too wonderful. They are all so friendly and helpful. Petrus was a total gem. He gave me such a great service and feedback. When I asked him something that was not related to his expertise, he called someone else…so no guesswork. What a pleasure!

Thank you so much…this is rare to receive such fab service these days

Heather Freeman

5th July 2016

As always, you guys were SUPER friendly and efficient.

Thanks again!!!

Mrs. T. Breitling

1st July 2016

Fury Ford always lets me feel welcome and handles me well as a Customer. They are on time every time and keep to their commitments. I have serviced 3 cars the past 2 months and their service was of top quality. When I had an issue on my Ford Ranger they assisted me within minutes and solved the problem quickly.

Mr. H Nel

22nd June 2016

Great Service. Will definitely bring my car back again.


Thanks to everyone.

Mrs. T. Locke

13th June 2016

I really appreciated the Service Managers forward thinking and general positive attitude. I found the driver's friendliness welcoming, and over all, am very pleased with the service.

Mr. T. De Wet


24th May 2016

Thank you. I was impressed with your high level of service.I appreciated the fact that I was given a lift back to my home in Jukskei Park and that in addition my car had been cleaned. Your waiting area was pleasant and comfortable.Your staff handling my details were efficient and pleasant.

Mr. C. Hermann

21st May 2016

The receptionist was very lovely and helpful, really set the tone to the overall great service. The waiting area is also really nice and the home made baked muffins were really a lovely touch, and the coffee was DELICIOUS! Thank you.

Miss S. Schafer

16th May 2016

I highly appreciate the professionalism of updating the customer of what’s been done on the car until going to wash bay.

Mr. M. Soetsang

15th May 2016

Very happy with the service I experience when I service my car. Probably the quickest I have ever had my car serviced.

Mr. M. Reinhart

13th May 2016

Good Service, was kept up-to-date constantly on the progress of the service. High 5!

Mr. A. Paulis

29 February 2016

I was updated every step of the service until collection time. I very much appreciated the professionalism.

Mr Sam Soetsang

20 January 2016

Hi Jock,

Well done to you & your fantastic team!! Keep it up!! Thanks again, Paul, for sorting all the little bits and pieces. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you guys, where nothing was ever too much trouble, from sales to finance to workshop - thanks again to all.

Des Buys - Contracts Manager / Director, Wood Design Worx (Pty)Ltd

19 January 2016

Hi Jock,

I just want to say thank you for listening. You know every person has a voice - You may hear what they have to say, but do you really listen? For me, hearing means registering the information, but not doing much about it. Listening, on the other hand, means understanding and reacting in a meaningful manner. You, Jock, I have realized have the power of listening. Everything you did demonstrated that you listened. You listened to me as the customer and I appreciate the way you and James Bennett put yourselves out there to make my whole experience the 2nd time around so much more memorable. It's all about reaching out.

You demonstrated:

    That you CARE.
    That you are serious about your BUSINESS.
    That your customer feels like they are VALUABLE!

The “meet and greet”, the red bow, the Fury goodie box, showing me the features of the car, explaining all the paperwork, demonstrating how Sync worked - small gestures, but how impactful. Buying a car is an Experience!! Thanks Jock and James much appreciated. I would buy another car with you any day and I will make sure I tell whomever I come into contact about you and your dealership- AWESOME STUFF!

Naseema Khan - Manager: Reporting | Risk Integration and Enterprise Risk Management | Integrated Operational Risk Standard Bank


20 January 2016

Good afternoon Travis,

I would like to thank and commend you for your excellent service. I will be sure to contact you in the future should I require any assistance. I hope that you have a wonderful day further.

Eden Louw

27 January 2016



Juanita Le Roux


02 February 2016

Good Morning,

I hope this finds you well.

I would like to confess my true gratitude to the exceptional team at Fury Ford Fourways on their incredible above and beyond customer service of which has truly shocked, inspired and affected my life for the better in the experience that I was blessed with at Fury Ford Fourways. I would like to say a personal thank you to the following team members for their amazing work ethic and service to me as a customer: Jock, Carlo, Travis, Sam, On-floor mechanics and part sales team, they should be acknowledged and praised for their ability and their skill for the high value of service they provide, because of them I will remain a lifelong customer of Fury.

I have spent the majority of my working career in the customer service and sales industry. For the past 6 years I have travelled the world working on 6 star luxury cruise liners, with international staff members and clients, for a prestigious health and wellness company. As part of my job onboard I assess and audit health and wellness employees’ customer service with the result to improve overall customer experience and maximize sales. So from an educated and experienced voice, I can say that never! In my short years have I experienced such an incredible customer experience as I did with Fourways fury ford. Every single employee I encountered including your concierge; were polite, kind, knowledgeable, professional and ready to go above and beyond for any customer that may walk in, I mean I walked in flip flops and they treated me like a king. It shows incredible management, great work ethic and a genuine sincere care for your customers’ needs of which is very rare in the Automotive Industry. In my opinion and experience after staying in some of the most high class hotels in the USA, dined in Michelin star restaurants London, even if it is a strange comparison, this customer experience was by far the best. Thank you for a Great Experience!

Daniel Maiden - Operations Manager, Fourways Planet Fitness

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